Honing your Signature Style {PART 1}

What makes your look, your look?  Or, do you ever look at a piece of clothing and say "Oh this looks like something <insert friend's name here> would wear!"?  How does one cultivate a signature style that truly represents their personal tastes and creativity?

We've been working with women for quite some time helping develop their style, separate from trends or suggestions of what is considered "in or out".  While it may seem relatively obvious, identifying and adhering to a personal style requires a fair amount of "I don't care, I love it!" attitude and a true self-perception.  In order to create a signature style, one must be pretty impervious to trends that do not flatter and those that they flat-out don't like.  We mean, being a 'slave to fashion' has to have its limits, right?! 

Here are a few shopping rules we've found to be true all these years when it comes to having a true signature style:

1.  A beautiful skirt --for example-- catches your eye, can you immediately say "Oh I LOOOOOVEEEE this!"?  And then 20 minutes later, still say it?

If you answered YES to #1, you're like most of us who love shopping.  We often LOVE something immediately, until sticker shock or practically set in, for example.  If you're still in love with a piece after a good bit of ruminating, move on to question #2!

2.  Now that you love the skirt, can you think of at least three ways / events to wear it to?

If you answered YES to #2, you are well on your way to understanding what your signature style is.  Not only do you still love your choice, you're actually envisioning how and where you can wear it.  Are you daydreaming?! Great, move on to question #3!

3.  Do you need to buy a top, shoes and perhaps a little accessory in order to make the skirt work?

If you answered YES to #3, PUT THAT ITEM OF CLOTHING BACK AND WALK AWAY!!  The mark of true signature style means that most things you find, short of a gown or leather chaps, will fit seamlessly into your wardrobe.  Kind of like that vintage cape you found last Fall, you brought it home and *BAMM* it looked amazing with 4 different pieces, all purchased at different times.  You should never --using that term loosely-- have to buy an entirely new outfit just to go with a piece that you LOVE and could wear to three or four places.  

Do you feel like you've gotten a pretty good handle on understanding your signature style? We loved to hear how you shop with your style in mind!


A Fall Affair

This weekend seems to be packed with evening events, which means --- the city is welcoming FALL!  While the weather may be in full autumnal swing, we're still transitioning from our warmer weather clothes.  

If you're heading out this weekend for an evening affair, we're sort of obsessed over the slip dress + blazer combo.  Its classic, sexy and impossibly feminine.  We love this look paired in a monochromatic palette, replete with a fur shrug -- because its chilly in these Cincinnati streets today! 

Happy Weekend!

The Transitional Turtleneck

That breeze you just felt is Fall saying "HELLO"!  After what was one of the warmest Septembers on record (we think), October promises a more brisk atmosphere.  One way we've found to extend the life of our summertime dresses is to slip on a turtleneck underneath your dress.  It instantly updates your dress and guards you against Fall's chill in the most on-trend way! 

Don't have a few staple turtlenecks in your wardrobe yet?  We've sourced some of our favorites for you!

Perfect Trench

A trench coat can truly be your ace-in-the-hole when it comes to your wardrobe.  This versatile piece can instantly make you feel put together while you run errands, then pair with your silk slip dress and a pair of heels for an evening out!

While we KNOW a trench is necessary, finding the perfect trench coat is akin to finding that perfect LBD.  ALMOST impossible.  First, there is finding the right color.  Should you go more camel or light khaki...OR should you opt for a navy or pop of color?  Then you must consider the length, material, the collar....the list goes on and on.  We've managed to narrow in on a few of our favorite options for a variety of tastes and budgets! 

{Street} Styles to Try

Thanks to all the Fashion Weeks (and street style photographers) we've been gifted a cornucopia of street style snaps that have us inspired to peruse our own wardrobes and spruce up our looks!  From the daringly amazing to the downright confusing, street style stars present their own brand of self-expression that we can only thank them for.

Lucky for you, we've been monitoring the data (we're using the term "data" loosely...we get our info mainly from Instagram and Pinterest just like everyone else) and we've seen a few trends rise to the top.  Not only are these styles wearable, they are also extremely simple to implement! 

The Oversized Bow Blouse

Incorporate this blouse with a simple pair of jeans and a flats or heels and you're guaranteed to feel both put together and pretty darn fancy! 

The Printed Bootie

Who doesn't love a good boot?!  This season, designers are getting even more playful with floral and geometric printed booties.  Grab a pair of these printed lovelies to dress up an otherwise simple outfit for either day or night!

The Mega Cuff Jean

Seen everywhere for the past few months, these mega-cuff denim looks have us drooling.  Pair a looser fitting jean and cuff them like there is no tomorrow!  It is a perfect way to show off your new pair of shoes (or to avoid dirty jean edges)!  Whatever your reason, we're definitely hoping onto this trend.  

FUN FACT: SJP has been rockin' this style for years!

Favorites {so far} from NYFW

In Cincinnati we had a blimp of Fall this past weekend, and now we're back in the 80's.  While we're still wondering when we can pull out our heavy coats, designers, buyers and fashion-lovers have flocked to the big apple to get a peek of what we can expect come Spring 2016!

Here are some of our favorites! 


What looks and designers are you looking most forward to wearing in the Spring?! 


Preparing for Polo

We're so excited to judge Best Dressed again this year at the BowTie Cause Foundation's Galloping Pig event this Saturday!  In Cincinnati, most people's idea of polo revolves heavily around Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, but there is more to polo than just polka dots and sun hats!

Here are a few tips we have for the ladies and gents joining us on the polo field! 

  1. No high heels.  Trust us, you will sink in the grass (because that's where polo is played) and ruin your beautiful shoes.  We suggest a pair of wedges or stylish flats to pair with your look.
  2. Gents, wear a BowTie!  There is no better time to rock one than at a polo match to pair with your bourbon and winning smile...right?!
  3. Bring your armor!  Polo is played outdoors (in case you hadn't already guessed it) and you never know if the sun will be blazing or if a breeze will swing by, so be prepared.  Have your sunnies, scarf and "ladies who lunch" paper fan if you have it, ready!

Need some more outfit inspiration for this weekend?!  We've created a handy inspiration board specifically for YOU!   See you on the polo field!  

An Argument for Plaid

Though we're still in August, we cannot help but contemplate our endless options for our autumn wardrobe.  However, we know as soon as we mention the word "Plaid"...images of teens in grunge or lumberjacks come to mind.  We argue that plaid (or tartan, if we want to be "textile correct") has the very real ability to be elevated to new realms of sophistication.   See our 'exhibits' and let us know where you stand on plaid!

Smart CAN be Stylish

A few days ago we found ourselves reading an article about how intelligent women have pared down their "clothing personalities" in order to fall inline with their professional persona.  There are many times when we, as women, have "dressed the part" in order to conform to certain situations.  For example, when going to an interview, a suit or some derivative of that is appropriate -- with a little flare, of course!  But more and more we've noticed (and heard) women doing this routinely (sometimes in a complete wardrobe-changing way) because they wouldn't have been taken seriously by their peers and superiors otherwise.   For many women, in many workforces in many a profession, you cannot be considered both intelligent and harbor a love of clothes.  

A woman's liberty to truly enjoy being a woman -- in this instance, by outfitting ourselves in beautiful clothing and sliding on a pair of auspicious heels-- has been trivialized into something that is simple-minded and vain.  One on hand, we can see where people get that idea.  With the advent of social media, #selfies and luxury brands as social currency, it is no wonder that loving fashion has gotten a bad rep.  But...

Why does investing in oneself not apply to one's appearance?


Abstaining from self-expression through clothing has automatically created a population of "safe dressers".  No out of the box colors, shapes or hems and heaven forbid if women wear a heel over 2"!  That, in our humble opinion, is not dressing.  It is hiding.  

By not embracing the things that are most beautiful about ourselves as women -- our shape, our ability to express our personalities silently through dress -- we deny our a part of the excitement of womanhood.  We are not less intelligent for wanting to wear a fancy dress.  Nor are we more intelligent for opting to wear nothing but trousers and a sweater in shades of black.  But society tells us that by showcasing even the slightest appreciation for clothing, we are deemed superficial and not to be taken seriously because "she only cares about clothes, bags and shoes".  

But perhaps we will not be on our soapbox for much longer.  Companies are embracing self-expression with their employees and the career paths available now tend to not have a strict rubric of dress at all.  For now, we will continue to champion woman.  To embrace their passions and express them fully!  After all, that's our mission at Style Edit! 


For a moment, humor us.  Rattle off all the tasks and activities you have during a typical day or week.  If you're like many busy professionals, busy moms, busy women, your tasks list runneth over!  What type of outfits do you gravitate towards to tackle your busy schedule?  We seriously doubt it includes a pair of 4" heels -- unless you're Beyoncé, and in that case, HEY BEYONCÈ YOU'RE READING OUR BLOG, THIS IS AMAZING! 

We are not saying that we aren't tempted, and often succumb, to the allure of an exquisite pair of heels.  We're only human and we are around fashion 24/7!  But we also know we are not celebrities and the cashier at Kroger doesn't care if we're wearing Prada heels or Nikes, so we might as well strike a balance between fantasy and reality in our shoe choices.  

Its not that you can't buy anymore heels -- ok, we know that's what the title of this post says, but bear with us.  We are simply suggesting a different approach to purchasing heels so you can actually wear your shoes to places other than a black tie gala.  

The Fantasy Shoes....

Let's just pause at their beauty, shall we?  Not that we would attempt to dissuade you from making a purchase on any (or all) of these, let us offer a few, slightly more practical options....

The Real-Life Fantasy (if there is such a thing) Shoes...

These options are just as beautiful, but a bit more wearable.  The heel is either shorter, more thick or both, making it easier to wear day in and day out.  

Still want to buy every heel you lust over?  Us too.  But we're getting better at resisting!

Not Afraid To {of} Fall

Flipping through the pages of our summer magazine issues, we realize something almost startling...we're sort of really looking forward to Fall! 

Now, now hear us out!  While we are still enjoying every moment of our days basking in the sun's rays by the pool and will be heartbroken once the weather turns, there is something about Fall that is beckoning us. 

Blame it on the su-su-suede (we couldn't pass up a T-Pain reference)!  We love a layer and the sumptuousness of Fall's fabrics and colors that harken a jewel box from the 70's. 

What are you looking forward to most this Fall?

3 Tips to a Polished Wardrobe

Do you ever feel like your outfit is just "off".  That nagging feeling that if something were tweaked your look would be "next-level"?  Yep, we've all felt that at least a jallion times!  

Based on our highly accredited knowledge and experience, we've come up with a few tips to avoid missed opportunities in your "dressing-life"! 


If you do not already have a tailor or alterations specialist, get one.  Now!  If you don't have anywhere to start, ask us, we have a rolodex of 'people'!  Most people (we argue all people) need a little alterations help with their closets.  Everything will not -- and should not -- fit you perfectly.  Waists may need to be taken in.  Sleeves may need to be shortened. And voila! You will be amazed at the difference proper fitting clothes make! 


"The touch, the feel of --- rayon"?!  Ah...no.  There is a reason natural fabrics are touted and celebrated in song like cotton.  They not only feel better, they LOOK better -- i.e., they make the wearer (you) look better.  Luckily for you,  this is an easy opportunity to avail yourself to -- check the label.  Don't feel like you have to spend double just to get a quality, natural fabric either!  Some of our favorite high-street stores, think Zara, stock their shelves with leather and silk options that fall right in nearly anyone's budget!


"There's just a lot going on here..."  You love a trend (or three).  We get it.  How tempting it is to put on every single thing you love, all at once, and rock it.  Unless you're the next Iris Apfel, we strongly encourage restraint.  There is nothing more captivating than wearing a special piece (one -- maybe two if executed properly) and allowing the focus to remain on you, not on all the pieces that distract a viewer from your bomb-self! 

We love Gaga...but none of us are Gaga.  Let's leave her brand of dressing to the Queen.

We love Gaga...but none of us are Gaga.  Let's leave her brand of dressing to the Queen.

Now you know some of our top wardrobe tips!  Need further polishing assistance to make your wardrobe shine like a diamond? Give us a shout

Airport Style

We admittedly caught the travel bug this summer and we still have a few getaways on the horizon. We don't like anything messing with our great escapes so we try our best to eliminate any foreseen stresses. What's the top stress of travel? The airport. What makes that crazy place more bearable? A cute & cozy travel outfit!

The key to effortless travel-ready looks is flats. Over two-inch heels start flirting with the strong possibility of tripping (or straight up falling) trying to get to a boarding flight (that you are now late for because you decided you needed that last minute 2 pump soy vanilla latte). Have a meeting immediately following your flight? Pack your heels & a toothbrush in your carry-on. 

Now, here's a few looks from our Pinterest to help inspire your next airport arrival! 

A Guilty Pleasure 7.8.15

What else is there to do on a rainy Wednesday?!  We couldn't really help ourselves.  Its too rainy to be outside doing non-purchasing things and our work basically revolves around the imperative that we know everything that is happening in the fashion and style landscape.  We call it "perils of the job" you (may) call it an "addiction".  To-MAY-to. To-MAH-to, right?

Trolling the internet today, we found what could be our biggest "Rainy Hump-Day in July" pick-me-up! 

This gorgeous gem, priced at a shocking $139.00, hit the site today and, may we say, "HELLO YOU BEAUTIFUL TEMPTRESS!"  Real leather.  On-trend details for the Autumn/Winter.  Sort of a no-brainer if you're in the market for a leather and fringe bag.  

Do you need it?  Probably not.  But do you want it?  Its a LEAST a strong "maybe", right?!  Oh, did we also mention Zara's site is having a huge sale too?  We hate to bring you down our "Rainy Hump Day in July" rabbit hole of online shopping distractions, but we couldn't live with ourselves if we didn't share the good word!  

Shop smart out there!

Bye, Fashion!

We're over "Fashion"

Shocking.  But true.

We're over the "Fashion" that clogs our Instagram feed and tells us we haven't lived until we purchase those $1500 pair of shoes.  We're over the "Fashion" that takes gratuitous selfies with a macaroon sitting next to a Chanel bag sitting next to a miniature four-legged friend.  Yeah, we're over that.

"Fashion", interpreted and conveyed on (almost) any form of media these days, has devolved into a vapid exchange of who can post the most blingy-brand-filled 'candids' all in the name of keeping up with the fictitious "Joneses".  The truth is that keeping up with Fashion is dizzying, thrilling and as close as many will get to actually owning and appreciating wearable art.  However, trends flow in and out of favor at a neck breaking pace making it almost impossible to wear them all and still keep your style personality intact!  Designers are always pushing themselves to think further and further out of their comfort zones.  And we as consumers have a constant barrage of messages telling us to "Buy THIS now!".  

For the record, we don't advocate anyone listening to those arbitrary rules that fashion marketing companies promote, only to change them next season.  "Embellishments are so in!" "Oh, minimalism is the new thing!"  We love change, but, seriously, it is exhausting to keep up.  In the bustle of staying "in Fashion", the exercise of dressing to express one's personal style, their brand, has declined.  Perhaps that has always been how Fashion vs. Style is.  The existing way of dressing gets so commercialized and forced that a style-counter-culture develops to reinvigorate the love of dressing for oneself.  Hello, "NormCore"!

Luckily, we're in the business of Style.  Style is very much an expression -- an individual's personal brand they wear day in and day out to communicate who they are without speaking.  There are really no rules when it comes to Style.  The two biggies are Fit and Flatter, which many tend to forget because, "hey, this looked great on the model!"  Without stifling a client's personality and zest, we help identify and refine their style.  If a dress isn't flattering, we'll communicate it so a client understands why and which dress does flatter her.  Think of us more as your personal "Style Educators" and less like the incredibly vicious "Fashion Police".  

Like to match your bag with your purse?  We can show you how mixing the colors and prints can modernize your look -- and take the stress from the matchy-matchy headache.

Do you wear your same converse sneakers with ev-ery-thing? We can show you how to mix in different types of sneakers to keep the comfort and elevate your style!   

Would you love to simply live in a white shirt and vintage denim all day?  So do we and we can show you how to keep those pieces lasting and keep it fresh!

The biggest thing to remember is that Style is meant to be refined, tweaked and recycled as you move through different phases in life.  However, we warn you to ignore all those articles telling you to "toss" those pair of jeans you absolutely love!  We're still kicking ourselves for not saving our bell bottoms from high school that are now retailing upwards of $300.00! 

So, how do you feel about your personal Style?  Does it need freshening up?! If so, #StyleEditYourLife

Packing Light: 6 pieces, 12 ways

We lovvve a carry-on packing challenge!! We opt for taking a carry-on when we jet out of town for a long weekend to make sure not to run into any lost luggage issues. There's nothing like having an airline return your lost luggage on the last day of your trip - the only upside is "excused & necessary" shopping. But, carry-ons are not just limited to weekend getaways. For those of you who are tired of paying checked bag fees or maybe you just need more room in your suitcase for out of town shopping..packing light is totally doable! Here's a little inspiration for your next trip:

What shoes!? You know we wouldn't leave you hanging - check out options below! Any of the below shoe choices will work with ALL 12 looks. 

Dream Weaver

In every beach-lover's closet, there is nothing more ubiquitous than a beautifully woven tote bag.  Perfect for days lounging pool side or beach side, a woven tote connotes a certain relaxing, global-citizen vibe we all love.  What's better, you ask?  We've found a few that won't break you bank!  You wouldn't want to spend a fortune on a bag just to have it ruined by chlorine or a busted bottle of sunscreen, wouldya-wouldya?!?