Bye, Fashion!

We're over "Fashion"

Shocking.  But true.

We're over the "Fashion" that clogs our Instagram feed and tells us we haven't lived until we purchase those $1500 pair of shoes.  We're over the "Fashion" that takes gratuitous selfies with a macaroon sitting next to a Chanel bag sitting next to a miniature four-legged friend.  Yeah, we're over that.

"Fashion", interpreted and conveyed on (almost) any form of media these days, has devolved into a vapid exchange of who can post the most blingy-brand-filled 'candids' all in the name of keeping up with the fictitious "Joneses".  The truth is that keeping up with Fashion is dizzying, thrilling and as close as many will get to actually owning and appreciating wearable art.  However, trends flow in and out of favor at a neck breaking pace making it almost impossible to wear them all and still keep your style personality intact!  Designers are always pushing themselves to think further and further out of their comfort zones.  And we as consumers have a constant barrage of messages telling us to "Buy THIS now!".  

For the record, we don't advocate anyone listening to those arbitrary rules that fashion marketing companies promote, only to change them next season.  "Embellishments are so in!" "Oh, minimalism is the new thing!"  We love change, but, seriously, it is exhausting to keep up.  In the bustle of staying "in Fashion", the exercise of dressing to express one's personal style, their brand, has declined.  Perhaps that has always been how Fashion vs. Style is.  The existing way of dressing gets so commercialized and forced that a style-counter-culture develops to reinvigorate the love of dressing for oneself.  Hello, "NormCore"!

Luckily, we're in the business of Style.  Style is very much an expression -- an individual's personal brand they wear day in and day out to communicate who they are without speaking.  There are really no rules when it comes to Style.  The two biggies are Fit and Flatter, which many tend to forget because, "hey, this looked great on the model!"  Without stifling a client's personality and zest, we help identify and refine their style.  If a dress isn't flattering, we'll communicate it so a client understands why and which dress does flatter her.  Think of us more as your personal "Style Educators" and less like the incredibly vicious "Fashion Police".  

Like to match your bag with your purse?  We can show you how mixing the colors and prints can modernize your look -- and take the stress from the matchy-matchy headache.

Do you wear your same converse sneakers with ev-ery-thing? We can show you how to mix in different types of sneakers to keep the comfort and elevate your style!   

Would you love to simply live in a white shirt and vintage denim all day?  So do we and we can show you how to keep those pieces lasting and keep it fresh!

The biggest thing to remember is that Style is meant to be refined, tweaked and recycled as you move through different phases in life.  However, we warn you to ignore all those articles telling you to "toss" those pair of jeans you absolutely love!  We're still kicking ourselves for not saving our bell bottoms from high school that are now retailing upwards of $300.00! 

So, how do you feel about your personal Style?  Does it need freshening up?! If so, #StyleEditYourLife

Packing Light: 6 pieces, 12 ways

We lovvve a carry-on packing challenge!! We opt for taking a carry-on when we jet out of town for a long weekend to make sure not to run into any lost luggage issues. There's nothing like having an airline return your lost luggage on the last day of your trip - the only upside is "excused & necessary" shopping. But, carry-ons are not just limited to weekend getaways. For those of you who are tired of paying checked bag fees or maybe you just need more room in your suitcase for out of town shopping..packing light is totally doable! Here's a little inspiration for your next trip:

What shoes!? You know we wouldn't leave you hanging - check out options below! Any of the below shoe choices will work with ALL 12 looks. 

Dream Weaver

In every beach-lover's closet, there is nothing more ubiquitous than a beautifully woven tote bag.  Perfect for days lounging pool side or beach side, a woven tote connotes a certain relaxing, global-citizen vibe we all love.  What's better, you ask?  We've found a few that won't break you bank!  You wouldn't want to spend a fortune on a bag just to have it ruined by chlorine or a busted bottle of sunscreen, wouldya-wouldya?!?

Weekend in the Hamptons

A Style Edit collaboration with Claire Marie Photo & Sloane Boutique.  

You're Shopping Wrong

It is possible.  You go into your favorite store, pick out a piece in your favorite color (or pattern) and -- no need for you to try it on because you "know it fits" -- and, of course, you wear it.  Maybe you love it, but its a little too tight in the shoulders, or the hemline could stand to get taken up a bit, but its "good enough" for the running around you have to do in your increasingly busy life, right?


We see it time and time again and you're shopping wrong.  One of our most exciting and thrilling activities can seem incredibly arduous and void of any enjoyment to those who don't love spending more than 15 minutes in a clothing store.  That's why many default to selecting pieces they feel comfortable in, never-mind the fact that they aren't always the most flattering.   

We've listed some of the biggest #ShoppingFails we see AND how to correct them! 

1. A Wishful Wardrobe

"Some day I'll wear this when I need to go to an Interview (or) Las Vegas Party (or) A Royal Ball." 

Hey! We allllllll want to be invited to a royal gala, chances are that will only happen for us when we take our kids to Disneyland, and we're pretty sure the attire requires fanny-packs, not sequins.  We fall in love with "situational clothes" constantly, but we don't (always) buy them.  The point is, you may be purchasing items that don't work for your lifestyle anymore.

Rules to avoid this #ShoppingFail:

  •  If you don't work in an office that requires professional dress, don't buy a suit, no matter how great a deal it is.
  • If you're not IN Las Vegas, or heading there for a fun weekend, we implore you to NOT buy a club-specific dress.
  • If you're lucky enough to go to a royal ball -- or a Black Tie event -- try Rent The Runway as a much less expensive option to wear a sought after gown.


 2.  Size Ain't Nothin' But  A Number...

"Ahh vanity, my favorite sin".  While Mr. Pacino wasn't specifically talking about clothes in The Devils Advocate, he spoke to how often vanity affects our decision making.  This is particularly true when we're battling with a zipper but flat out refuse to size-up in the pants that would look incredible.

Here's a little secret:  NO ONE KNOWS YOU'RE WEARING A SIZE 6 or 8 or 10, etc!!! 

Rules to avoid this #ShoppingFail:

  • Get over the number.  Its a fact that properly fitting clothes actually flatter your figure more, creating an alluring silhouette.
  • Wearing too small clothes makes you look bigger.  Try putting on a top that you know is too small.  Watch the buttons pull and the fabric stretch.  This is not flattering.
  • Every store has a different "size 6".   You could walk into three different clothing shops and find a piece in each store that fits you and we guarantee that they'll all have wildly different numbers.  European sizes = 40 or 42.  JCrew = 6.  Vintage shops = 10.  If you limit yourself to the chain stores who's size structure appeals to your vanity, you'll miss out on incredible items that you've longed to try.

3. Shopping With Friends

Your best friends always tells you the truth right?  Not always.  When you go shopping with your friends, you're not always focused on yourself.  Your bestie wants you to buy this feather aline skirt thats not your style, but you humor her and try it on -- then buy it.  Or maybe you're the friend that no one wants to say you don't need yet another pair of multicolored stilettos.  Through no fault of their own, friends sometimes steer you wrong on your clothing choices.

Rules to avoid this #ShoppingFail :

  • Go it alone.  When you're serious about finding the most flattering pieces for you, shopping solo is the best way to be honest with your self and find items that really speak to you.
  • Set a budget.  Friends have a habit of helping us justify overspending on items we really won't "wear all the time".  Set a limit and stick to you to avoid over-buyers remorse.
  • If shopping alone scares you.  Call us.  As professional stylists, we know whats in every store (yes, perils of the job) and will help you navigate the murky waters to find pieces that flatter every bit of you.

The Statement Top

It's not fair for the accessories to have all the fun! A great top will do wonders for your wardrobe by sprucing up jeans, pants or classic skirts.  What are your tops stating? Anything? Maybe, it's time for you to MAKE A STATEMENT. 

Need an example on how to rock a statement top?  We love pairing a fun statement top with a pair of wide leg trousers.  See below for some of our favorite ways to style this trend.

Spring Sales Bring All The Girls to the 'Net...

Show us a lady who likes clothes, and we'll show you a person who enjoys a good sale.  There is nothing (ok, maybe a few things, like falling in love, marrying the man of our dreams, having children) that compares to the thrill we get when we see an item we have literally been obsessing over for months, FINALLY go on sale! 

Now that we have time to come up for air -- to check our cc numbers, of course -- we wanted to share some of our favorite luxuries that are now reduced from Spring 2015 to make room for Summer merchandise!  Making it even more difficult to resist the "click-click-purchase" temptation.  

Double-Denim #LooksWeLove

The temp drop prompted both of us to reach for double-denim today! Rainy office days are super cozy..especially with our soft denim jackets. Have you tried denim on denim yet? Tag #StyleEditYourLife in your insta pic so we can check you out! 



Dress Like {5.27.15}

"If I were a celebrity I would be...{insert your favorite celebrity name here}."  Just like the rest of the world, when we see one of our favorite celebs wearing an drool-worthy outfit look we immediately want to figure out how to recreate it.  Ok, maybe not like the entire world, but a respectable percentage of people do this....right?

While trolling through PINTEREST, we pulled a few of our favorite looks that we've recreated to be worn RIGHT NOW! 

First up...

We love Zoe Saldana.  We love monochromatic looks.  Together, this is impeccable! You can wear this look on an evening out for drinks or even a wedding -- its that transitional!

Sandra Bullock knows that it is all about the shoes!  This outfit can go from work, to happy hour in no-time flat! 

Even on her day-off, SJP is the epitome of New York chic.  We love this outfit!  It is perfect for a Summer BBQ!


Which celebrity look do you want to recreate?!

The Three Stripe Trend

Three Stripes.  Not to be confused with Red Stripe, but these Three Stripes, are BACK.  Like, in a major, street-style-stalking, sold-out everywhere in our size, kind of way.  

Adidas has always made great sneakers.  HELLOOOOOO SHELL TOP!?  They're basically their thing.  But some how, some where, Adidas fell slightly out of wardrobe rotation in favor of the ubiquitous Chuck Taylors and more recently, Nike Air Max's.  

But, as is the way for most trends in fashion --- THEY. ARE. BACK. --- launching a thousand blog posts on how to style them, complete with the "OMG another shoe option that isn't a heel" caption!  We can all thank Raf Simmons and Stan Smith, in part, for their return!

Ahh...reliving our youthful stylings has never felt so good!


Are you loving the resurgence of the ALL DAY I DREAM ABOUT SPORTS kicks?! 

You say "Potato" | We say "Palazzo"!

We feel almost ashamed if we even dare complain about the recent heat wave we've been experiencing.  We were just begging for 85 degrees and sunny a month ago when it was barely 45 degrees.  So we won't complain, we will just share one of our favorite style-solutions for this weather!  

The temp practically begs us to wear dresses, skirts and shorts, but sometimes that's just not an option -- and we get bored easily.  Enter: THE PALAZZO PANT.  

This effortless, yet glamourous take on the trouser is the perfect option for summer.  In breezy fabrics, the Palazzo pairs fantastically with a simple t-shirt or blouse to get us through these hazy soon-to-be-summer days! 

How are you feeling about the PALAZZO?! 

Cinco De Mayo

We took a lunch trip to Northside - delighting ourselves with tacos and festive beverages at Django. What are you doing for the holiday!? We hear downtown Cincinnati is already buzzing!

And, can we talk about the weather!? We seemed to have jumped over Spring and landed right in the middle of Summer! Is your wardrobe summer-ready? Might be perfect time for an outfit coordination  full of 'Looks We Love'

Sheer is the New Black {Met Gala 2015}

Last night was the "Oscars of Fashion" and clearly, everyone got the "Let's wear sheer" memo.  Are you feeling these body-bearing looks?! Tell us your fave of #MetGala2015! 

Style Edit Takes Derby!

This past weekend Style Edit took the Kentucky Derby!!!  Parties, dinners and of course a lot of racing!  One of the events we had the honor to attend is one of the most humbling and celebratory events of the Kentucky Derby weekend -- Ferdinand's Ball.  Ferdinand's Ball is an annual fundraiser created in honor of Ferdinand, the 1986 Kentucky Derby Winner.  In 1987, Ferdinand was named Horse of the Year.  After earning millions of dollars for his owners, Ferdinand was sold into slaughter after his racing and stud careers were over.  Ferdinand's Ball raises funds and awareness to ensure that other racing legacies like Ferdinand don't meet the same fate through Old Friends Farm.  During this event, we were elated to meet, Gary Stevens, a Hall of Fame Jockey and the jockey who came in second in this year's Run for the Roses!  We couldn't wait to share our experiences with this amazing organization and are already itching to go back next year!  To learn more about Ferdinand's Ball and Old Friends Farm, visit:

Did you watch any of the Kentucky Derby races?! 

Style Edit Spotlight: Nigel Rayment

Cue Spotlight: Nigel Rayment

Age: 51

Company: Designer-Director at Nigel Rayment

Hometown & Current City: Luton, Bedfordshire, England

Since horse racing season is here, we thought it to be perfect timing to talk hats with England's premier hat designer, Nigel Rayment! Rayment has been an established milliner for 36 years and his hats are sold in over 700 stockists worldwide. As someone who counts royalty and celebrities among his clientele,  the internationally-famous designer knows what women want. His hats are like pieces of artwork floating around on women as they attend horse races, weddings and garden parties. Nigel’s new collection is to die for– there’s something for hat lovers of all ages, whether you’re a Royal Wedding guest or not. 

Style Edit tip: Choose your hat first. Then, find your dress! At the races, it's alllll about The Hat! 

SE: What sparked your interest in hat making? 

NR: The town where I was born (Luton) is the world center for hats.  There used to be 500 factories making hats..there are now only 8 left. My family have all worked in hats for hundreds of years as it was the main source of employment.   

SE: Has your family always been supportive of your dream? 

NR: Yes. My family has always been there for me 100% helping me to fulfill my dream.

SE: At what age did you call yourself a “real designer”? When did you make the first hat you were really proud of? 

NR: I have been making hats since the age of 15, I’m now 50, so I’ve been in the business a long time. My peak was 90,000 pieces in one year. My claim to fame is the large red hat that is now our company image-logo and people now associate me with the image.

SE: It’s incredible to see a man successfully design for women- we applaud you! What led you to developing a women’s line? 

NR: For me it’s easy, as I know what a woman should wear and every woman loves a man to see her wearing the right hat.

SE: How many hours go into making one hat? 

NR: The minimum is one hour but our "One In The World" pieces can take up to 8 hours.

SE: Your hats are truly one of a kind. Where does your inspiration come from? 

NR: Everything I see that’s all around me is translated into a hat or a trim of a hat..I never stop thinking of the next inspiration.

SE: What was the first store that sold your hats? Where can women buy your hats now? 

NR: Harrods was my first customer and also John Lewis but now we have 700 specialty stores worldwide that stock our brands. We also have two stand alone stores- one in London and another in Manchester.

SE: Which hat is your bestseller? Which style is your favorite? 

NR: The Kate Middleton Effect. When Carol Middleton wore a disc style hat to Kate’s wedding it changed the industry. Now, 70% of woman want a disc style on a headband. They are easy to wear and great for photography as the face can be clearly seen.

SE: Where can a woman wear your hats? 

NR: Weddings are our biggest business taking 85% of our sales followed by horse races, meetings, garden parties and religious events.

SE: Any advice for the young designer?  

NR: Always aim high. Don’t give up. I can remember in my first year I entered a competition and was told that I didn’t stand a chance in the hat business as I didn’t have any flare.. unfortunately that designer-judge died last year..he was a Royal Milliner and to this day never accepted my success. The business is very tough and there is big competition with people leaving design school. It is really difficult to get a foot on the ladder as the industry is a closed book. 

Shop the Nigel Rayment collection HERE.


{The HERO} Jean Jacket

Its too warm for our wool coats.  Its too rainy for our suede jackets.  It is also not warm enough for us to walk out of the house with no jacket.  

Enter the hero: JEAN JACKET

Most of us already have a well-loved jean jacket in our closet that maybe has a few rips, a couple missing buttons and a hole here and there.  We say its: "PERFECT".  The worn, vintage-y look couples perfectly with this season's styles.  

If you don't already have a HERO piece of your own, check out our recommendations!

60's MOD

This Saturday evening we are thrilled to attend the Cincinnati Ballet's 5th annual gala, Club B!  This year's theme is Ballet A Go-GO -- 60's Mod.  With theme dressing, its hard to keep your styles and trends with the right decade.  

Take shoes for example: 

If you're fully committed to the 60's mod theme, stick with the smallest heels you can find (or flats) and a strap over the foot or ankle.  No platforms, please!

Want more 60's mod inspiration?  Check out our Pinterest board below!