You say "Potato" | We say "Palazzo"!

We feel almost ashamed if we even dare complain about the recent heat wave we've been experiencing.  We were just begging for 85 degrees and sunny a month ago when it was barely 45 degrees.  So we won't complain, we will just share one of our favorite style-solutions for this weather!  

The temp practically begs us to wear dresses, skirts and shorts, but sometimes that's just not an option -- and we get bored easily.  Enter: THE PALAZZO PANT.  

This effortless, yet glamourous take on the trouser is the perfect option for summer.  In breezy fabrics, the Palazzo pairs fantastically with a simple t-shirt or blouse to get us through these hazy soon-to-be-summer days! 

How are you feeling about the PALAZZO?! 

Cinco De Mayo

We took a lunch trip to Northside - delighting ourselves with tacos and festive beverages at Django. What are you doing for the holiday!? We hear downtown Cincinnati is already buzzing!

And, can we talk about the weather!? We seemed to have jumped over Spring and landed right in the middle of Summer! Is your wardrobe summer-ready? Might be perfect time for an outfit coordination  full of 'Looks We Love'

Sheer is the New Black {Met Gala 2015}

Last night was the "Oscars of Fashion" and clearly, everyone got the "Let's wear sheer" memo.  Are you feeling these body-bearing looks?! Tell us your fave of #MetGala2015! 

Style Edit Takes Derby!

This past weekend Style Edit took the Kentucky Derby!!!  Parties, dinners and of course a lot of racing!  One of the events we had the honor to attend is one of the most humbling and celebratory events of the Kentucky Derby weekend -- Ferdinand's Ball.  Ferdinand's Ball is an annual fundraiser created in honor of Ferdinand, the 1986 Kentucky Derby Winner.  In 1987, Ferdinand was named Horse of the Year.  After earning millions of dollars for his owners, Ferdinand was sold into slaughter after his racing and stud careers were over.  Ferdinand's Ball raises funds and awareness to ensure that other racing legacies like Ferdinand don't meet the same fate through Old Friends Farm.  During this event, we were elated to meet, Gary Stevens, a Hall of Fame Jockey and the jockey who came in second in this year's Run for the Roses!  We couldn't wait to share our experiences with this amazing organization and are already itching to go back next year!  To learn more about Ferdinand's Ball and Old Friends Farm, visit:

Did you watch any of the Kentucky Derby races?! 

Style Edit Spotlight: Nigel Rayment

Cue Spotlight: Nigel Rayment

Age: 51

Company: Designer-Director at Nigel Rayment

Hometown & Current City: Luton, Bedfordshire, England

Since horse racing season is here, we thought it to be perfect timing to talk hats with England's premier hat designer, Nigel Rayment! Rayment has been an established milliner for 36 years and his hats are sold in over 700 stockists worldwide. As someone who counts royalty and celebrities among his clientele,  the internationally-famous designer knows what women want. His hats are like pieces of artwork floating around on women as they attend horse races, weddings and garden parties. Nigel’s new collection is to die for– there’s something for hat lovers of all ages, whether you’re a Royal Wedding guest or not. 

Style Edit tip: Choose your hat first. Then, find your dress! At the races, it's alllll about The Hat! 

SE: What sparked your interest in hat making? 

NR: The town where I was born (Luton) is the world center for hats.  There used to be 500 factories making hats..there are now only 8 left. My family have all worked in hats for hundreds of years as it was the main source of employment.   

SE: Has your family always been supportive of your dream? 

NR: Yes. My family has always been there for me 100% helping me to fulfill my dream.

SE: At what age did you call yourself a “real designer”? When did you make the first hat you were really proud of? 

NR: I have been making hats since the age of 15, I’m now 50, so I’ve been in the business a long time. My peak was 90,000 pieces in one year. My claim to fame is the large red hat that is now our company image-logo and people now associate me with the image.

SE: It’s incredible to see a man successfully design for women- we applaud you! What led you to developing a women’s line? 

NR: For me it’s easy, as I know what a woman should wear and every woman loves a man to see her wearing the right hat.

SE: How many hours go into making one hat? 

NR: The minimum is one hour but our "One In The World" pieces can take up to 8 hours.

SE: Your hats are truly one of a kind. Where does your inspiration come from? 

NR: Everything I see that’s all around me is translated into a hat or a trim of a hat..I never stop thinking of the next inspiration.

SE: What was the first store that sold your hats? Where can women buy your hats now? 

NR: Harrods was my first customer and also John Lewis but now we have 700 specialty stores worldwide that stock our brands. We also have two stand alone stores- one in London and another in Manchester.

SE: Which hat is your bestseller? Which style is your favorite? 

NR: The Kate Middleton Effect. When Carol Middleton wore a disc style hat to Kate’s wedding it changed the industry. Now, 70% of woman want a disc style on a headband. They are easy to wear and great for photography as the face can be clearly seen.

SE: Where can a woman wear your hats? 

NR: Weddings are our biggest business taking 85% of our sales followed by horse races, meetings, garden parties and religious events.

SE: Any advice for the young designer?  

NR: Always aim high. Don’t give up. I can remember in my first year I entered a competition and was told that I didn’t stand a chance in the hat business as I didn’t have any flare.. unfortunately that designer-judge died last year..he was a Royal Milliner and to this day never accepted my success. The business is very tough and there is big competition with people leaving design school. It is really difficult to get a foot on the ladder as the industry is a closed book. 

Shop the Nigel Rayment collection HERE.


{The HERO} Jean Jacket

Its too warm for our wool coats.  Its too rainy for our suede jackets.  It is also not warm enough for us to walk out of the house with no jacket.  

Enter the hero: JEAN JACKET

Most of us already have a well-loved jean jacket in our closet that maybe has a few rips, a couple missing buttons and a hole here and there.  We say its: "PERFECT".  The worn, vintage-y look couples perfectly with this season's styles.  

If you don't already have a HERO piece of your own, check out our recommendations!

60's MOD

This Saturday evening we are thrilled to attend the Cincinnati Ballet's 5th annual gala, Club B!  This year's theme is Ballet A Go-GO -- 60's Mod.  With theme dressing, its hard to keep your styles and trends with the right decade.  

Take shoes for example: 

If you're fully committed to the 60's mod theme, stick with the smallest heels you can find (or flats) and a strap over the foot or ankle.  No platforms, please!

Want more 60's mod inspiration?  Check out our Pinterest board below! 

Spring Trends {NOT} To Buy

Who doesn't love a new fashion trend?  We give tons of advice to clients and readers constantly on how to wear x trend each season.  There is something about turning the page -- especially after a rather tough winter -- and rediscovering (or purchasing) all the pieces we've been itching to wear.

While we advocate that every woman (and man) should experiment and try anything that speaks to them, we caution that some of these trends may not be as flattering as we would like.  

First up, the DENIM JUMPSUIT.

Yes, you may end up looking impossibly chic.  But you also may end up looking like the guy (or gal) who changes your oil at Valvoline.  WIth this oversized fit and low slung waist, one would be hard pressed to truly flatter your figure with this option. 

We recommend mimic-ing the look with an all-over denim outfit (with separates)!  This option helps define your waist and has less fabric so it doesn't swallow your frame. 

Are you having a hard time figuring out which trends to invest in and which to stay away from?   We can help! Just leave a comment below! 

Batter up! #RedsOpeningDay

Sporting events are always a style challenge. Our best rule of thumb is to first, scope out the main color(s) of your supporting team in your wardrobe (i.e. red for Cincinnati Reds). Second, locate those items (think purses, shoes, scarfs, belts, statement jewelry, tops, skirts, dresses, jackets) and think about your game plan for the day. Will you be pre-gaming? Standing or walking a lot? Will you be uber-ing and sitting most of the time? Your plan for game day will determine your footwear..sore feet are never fun. Eliminate whatever shoes won't work.  Thirdly, you will need to check out the forecast! After doing so, you should have narrowed down a few more of your (too thin or too thick) options. Now, what are you left with? Pick one of your remaining clothing or accessory options and style a great look with that item as your sole accent! Ready, set, GO!! 

Still need a little inspiration? No worries - we've got you covered.  Check out some looks we pulled from our Pinterest below! 


We talked at length about our love for fringe this season.  Inspired by this picture below, we've found the perfect sueded fringe skirt for any budget! 

{Carry-On Only} Travel

We have all been there.  You're getting off the plane for your long-awaited getaway, you wait for your luggage at the carousel, only to realize...They lost my bag?! (Cue the "dum dum dummmmmm" music)!

Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.  For years now, we've flown exclusively with carry-ons as much as possible.  (Save for those long international flights during the holidays where only 4 chunky sweaters can squeeze into our bag!)  Traveling "Carry-On Only" is not only stress-reducing when we're maneuvering through airports, but also gives us a chance to really get creative in how we pack and how functional our style really is.  I.e., the dress we wear to dinner can also double as a cover up on the beach the next day!

As we continue to hone in our best-travel-packing practices, we have a duty no! -- a responsibility to share that knowledge with you!  

TIP #1  Invest in an high-quality carry on!

This sucker will get beat up through security, by the plane-side baggage crew, and by you --- you WILL sit on it to smush down all your belongings into it -- trust us, it we do it every time!  The last thing you need is a zipper busting and having no recourse to get it repaired or replaced!  We love Tumi luggage!  Not only because they have an excellent customer service center, but we're dying over this Spring's floral print roller bags!  Definitely an investment.  100% worth it.

TIP #2 Pick a color, any color.

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 4.58.44 PM.png

Rookie mistake numero uno when packing for a trip is throwing in too many colors and prints and expecting them all to look flawless together.  Now, if you're style is very eclectic and funky, we love you, and go for this option all the way!  But, if you need more options to mix and match your pieces depending on the weather or activity, pick your favorite pieces you want to bring and use those colors to dictate the rest of your wardrobe for your trip.  Think: Parisian Closet in your suitcase---it is much easier to mix and match neutrals.

TIP #3 Cleverly pack your shoes & accessories

Arguably the most no-brainer tips is how to properly pack shoes and accessories.  If you want to truly maximize the space in your luggage, pack your shoes at the base of your suitcase (hint: near the wheels) so the weight from them doesn't squish your clothes when its upright.  Roll basics (t-shirts and lose accessories) in-between your shoes and pop any jewelry into an extra purse that you're already bringing.  No need for special jewelry cases unless you're packing the fancy stuff, and in that case, find a way to pack it in your purse! 

Overall Overhaul

Our love for overalls come and go when we see them worn in all the wrong ways - too tight, over-styled, and overstated. Like most stand-out wardrobe items, it's less about the overall itself and more about how you style it to fit your body type. 

Finding a pair that is perfect for you is the key to rocking this playful piece! Don't be afraid of rolling the pant or adjusting the suspenders to work with your height and your shoe choice. One of the great things about overalls is their ability to be worn in warmer and cooler weather. You can always opt for a sleeveless top with a sandal in the Spring and add multiple layers and a boot in the fall. 

All images via STYLE EDIT Pinterest.

A Parisian Closet {?}

The Francophile craze is sweeping the nation -- and closets everywhere.  Not only are women trying their darndest to by Parisian where ever they are, minimalism is taking wardrobes by storm. {Maybe not ours completely quite yet}  In an effort to streamline our own closets, we're daydreaming of what our perfect "Parisian Closet" would look like.  Loads of neutrals and quality-quality-quality! 

What would your Parisian closet consist of?! 

{New Obsession} THE PLATFORM

One of the things we love about a new season is a "THE piece" that we try to find countless ways to incorporate into our wardrobe.  This season, or this month...eerrrr maybe this week, we're loving the PLATFORM.

These Sergio Rossi platform pumps are a great base to build loads of fresh, Spring outfits from!

Top: Torn by Ronny Kobo | Jeans: Vintage 

Top: JCrew | Pants: Intermix (find a similar pair here) | Socks: Calvin Klein 

Jacket: Veda (find at Sloane Boutique) | Dress: BCBG 

Slickers {3.10.15}

This counts as rain gear.  #StyleEditApproved 

Style vs Fashion

Now that Spring is {seemingly} here and Fashion Weeks around the globe are coming to a close, we now get the pleasure of sifting through the good bad and the interesting to figure out the pieces and trends we want to embrace for ourselves and our clients in the coming seasons and those that we won't.  

Upon discussing the style that is siphoned from all the fashion, we stumbled across some of our favorite quotes.  They help explain the difference between what we drool over on the runway and how that translates to us, real women, doing real things -- like going to the grocery and working out.

The truth?  Fashion is art.  Is it the dress.  Style is how you wear that dress. 

Socks with Sandals {?}

No trend has been associated more with tourists (save for the fanny pack) than the "Socks with Sandals" phenomenon.  You may recall this "trend" at theme parks and touristy areas in the 90's (and probably still do).  But there is something brewing...nay!..reviving, across the runways and street stylers this season.  Perhaps it is the cold weather that is bringing out the additional creative expressions, or maybe, it is our longing for the good ol' days when we wore socks with our jelly sandals (which are also experiencing a comeback)!

What ever the reason, SOCKS -- yes, we said socks are one of our favorite go-to-accessories to have a little fun with.  

Are you looking to try this trend?