Its Been a While...

Don't be alarmed everyone!  We haven't disappeared, life has just been really busy!  Our last post was in December! *Pause for shock factor*  On January 1st, M gave birth to her baby girl and B's phone started ringing for even more modeling work!  Fast forward a shocking nine months and here we are! 

We are still styling, organizing wardrobes and transforming and building confidence, one closet at a time!  Let's chat if you're looking to Style Edit your life! 

B was in a Tide commercial for Target!!! 

B was in a Tide commercial for Target!!! 

M's little ones! 

M's little ones! 

'Tis the Season

We've been remiss in posting for a while.  We'll chalk it up to travel, new home adventures for B and a baby on the way for M!  Mix all that together with holiday cheer (& a bit of chaos) and you've got radio *blog* silence.  But we're rectifying that immediately! 

Here are some things that we're learning about our Christmas List "Wishes" this year....

  • Furniture is EXPENSIVE --- now that both of us are home owners, the reality of how expensive a nice couch is, for example, has really hit our closet splurges where it counts.  But we have a completely new appreciation for furniture quality and style.  Here are some pieces we're loving right now!
  • Clothes are hard to buy when your belly is expanding by the day (M) --- Christmas clothing sales have started to loose their luster for M.  As the baby grows (Thankfully), the desire and ability, to fit into nearly anything starts to wane.  Thankfully, accessories are still an option! 


  • Gifting isn't as fulfilling unless its something that is unique and thoughtful.  This year, we've taken to picking up gifts earlier in the year.  If we see something we know a family member or friend would love, even if it was in October, we bought and saved it!  We're so thankful we started this practice because gifting just got a lot less stressful and more thoughtful! 

What tips have you learned this holiday season?!  Share 'em with us! 

What To Wear {Thanksgiving}

Its that time of year again!  Whether you're cooking for your entire family, one of the lucky guests who only has to "bring yourself" or making that first appearance at your beau's family holiday table, looking holiday appropriate -- and comfortable -- are paramount.

While we have typically always suggested opting to overdress, if you're the one whipping it up in the kitchen, that probably sounds like a nightmare.  No one wants to fuss with their lacy top getting stuck in the hand mixer.  Conversely, you wouldn't want to show up to a 'casual' dinner in jeans and sneakers, then realizing it is 'cocktail lite' attire.

We've provided a few fail-safe outfit options no matter where or who will be hosting Thanksgiving this year.

What will you be wearing this Thanksgiving?! 

The H E R O Piece {Velvet Blazer}

There are few things more holiday -- at least when it comes to style -- than velvet.  Sure, sequins and sparkles are seasonal staples, but we argue that velvet, particularly with a blazer, has seasonal and situational longevity! 

Pair a fantastic (preferably a longer cut) velvet blazer with anything --- denim, cocktail dresses or gowns.  The look is instantly elevated but doesn't scream HOLIDAY, it merely whispers it! 

Things to See {HIGH STYLE}

Last night was the opening of Cincinnati Art Museum's HIGH STYLE exhibit, which traces the evolution of fashion from 1910 through 1980.  And may we say...JAW DROPPING!  

It is one of the most impressive exhibits we have been to in quite some time.  HIGH STYLE showcases garments and accessories (think incredibly embellished shoes in luxurious traveling trunks) from the most influential European and American designers of the 20th century!  We're talking Schiaperelli, Chanel, Dior, Givenchy, Charles James -- whom we honestly didn't even realize how influential he was, and more!

The exhibit is running now through January 24, 2016.  You definitely do not want to miss the opportunity to see the evolution of fashion right in Cincinnati! 

Quality over Quantity

In today's world, bigger is often considered better.  Those with a bigger house, car and in this case, closet, are deemed to "have it all".  But that could very well be the biggest misconception when it comes to life-satisfaction --- too heavy a thought?  We'll stick to closets for the purposes of brevity, but the point is, bigger is NOT {always} better.  

Yes, we swoon over palatial wardrobes that have a completely different wing for shoes and purses, all carefully and meticulously displayed.  But we equally admire the well organized 5'x5' closet that houses the most incredible pieces we've come across -- unassumingly, at that!

You don't need a bigger closet.  You need a different perspective -- we all do!  When we have more space, we fill it.  But, if left with smaller quarters, creativity truly shines and we can get pretty ruthless on what occupies our more modest wardrobe and what doesn't.  I.e., the pair of never-going-to-fit-again shoes or that too-big fur coat that was handed down to you from grandma.  Somethings are easier to part with when the space literally isn't there!

The point of our mini-diatribe on the 'bigger is better' mentality?  Let's stop wishing for what we don't have when it comes to our closet spaces and get inventive on making our space truly shine!  A little bit of organization and vertical thinking can go a looooonnnnngggg way when dealing with your wardrobe organizing hangups!  Need more help?  You know where to find us!  

Do you Remember? {Your Clothes}

We think it goes without saying that the idea of having "nothing to wear" is a vicious cycle that is perpetuated by constantly changing fashion trends and a general lack of memory of our own wardrobe.  It has happened to us countless times: we go through our closets to organize everything and hidden in the back is that amazing {insert item you desperately "needed" 2 years ago} collecting dust! 

The reality is: we don't really remember most of our clothes.  Yes, you know how many evening gowns you have and we're sure you won't forget that expensive handbag you plopped a whole month's paycheck on.  But, you probably don't remember the tshirts, sweaters and all those jeans that inhabit your wardrobe.  

And THAT is the beauty of clothes.  

You don't remember what you wore a year ago (unless it was a wedding or other momentous occasion).  Luckily, neither does anyone else.  That means that though you've worn that classic navy blazer "like a million times" no one else really knows that.  It also means that you should provide yourself some liberty to take a few wardrobe chances!

Want to wear a funky pair of printed jeans but worried that they may be "too trendy"?  No one will remember 3 months --- maybe 3 days --- from now.  It is always a bit uncomfortable getting out of a style-rut, but man, is it liberating!  Imagine walking into an event NOT in that same cocktail dress style you always wear, but in a floor-length printed maxi dress?!  Imagine the applause from your friends for getting out of your box and inspiring them to try some risks with their own style. 

What you wear is all an expression, and luckily, that expression can change on a daily basis.  Take advantage!

Fall Deals {Online Shopping}

In keeping with our theme this week of how we all looooovvvveeee online shopping, we wanted to share the good word about extra deals happening at some of our favorite sites! 

SAKS FIFTH AVENUE - Friends&Family 20% OFF - Code: THANKYOU - Ends October 18th  

ALICE & OLIVIA - Friends & Family 25% OFF - Code: FALLFAMILY - Ends October 19th 

SHOESCRIBE - Friends&Family 30% OFF - Code - FRIENDS15 - Ends October 19th 

MADEWELL - Extra 40% OFF SALE Styles - Code - EXTRA40 - Ends October 19th 

MACYS - Extra 25% OFF $100+ Purchase - Code - LOOKS - Ends October 18th 

JCREW - Extra 30% OFF Sweaters, Outerwear, Shirts & T-Shirts + Extra 40% OFF Sale Styles - CODE - LAYERUP - Ends October 18th 

Any more sales happening that we missed?! Share with us!!! 

Do You {Still} Flash Sale?

You heard it here first (ok, maybe not first, but you heard it here)...the flash sale site boom "may" be over.  Companies like Gilt, HauteLook and Zulily, who were once seeing 75% increase in sales year-to-year are now experiencing a decline in sales.  As the economy improves and the taste for luxury goods increases, high-end brands are keeping their productions low to prevent any excess inventory -- i.e., no off-price deals to be found on Gilt for that Chloe handbag you've been eyeing.

With limited availability of brands shoppers now covet, coupled with the competition from behemoth brick-and-mortar off-price stores like TJMaxx and Nordstrom Rack, sites are forced to either adapt or forfeit. 

Now we're seeing companies like Gilt creating their own line of clothing, providing Personal Shopping services to clients where they are then able to shop at Gilt warehouses in person for items.  Subscription services like Trunk Club and StitchFix are cropping up and tapping into shoppers desire for personalization and convenience.  These types of hybrid-retail models are the new-normal.

Do you still shop on flash sale sites?  Which ones are your favorites?

Style Edit Spotlight {Calle Evans}

This season is full of glamour and sensuous fabrics.  Lucky for us - and now you - we met Calle Evans.  A DAAP graduate who has honed her skills interning with Marchesa and an embroidery school owned by Chanel *swoon* this lady truly has an eye for design -- and execution.  Miss Evans is a designer to watch, so we decided to pick her brain about her work, her growth and what's next! 

Cue Spotlight:  Calle Evans
Age:  24
Occupation:  Owner and Designer of CALLE EVANS
Hometown & Current City: Urbana, OH and currently living in Cincinnati, OH

SE: What sparked your interest in designing, especially couture design?
CE: My love for designing started young. I began sewing in the third grade and always altered store bought patterns because I wanted to create something exceptional. I love working with my hands and have always been drawn to the amount of work and detail that goes into creating a couture garment. Incorporating elements of couture into my own designs elevates the quality and exclusivity. My desire to use fine fabrics comes from the simple fact of how they feel on the skin. I want women to feel sexy, beautiful and strong when she wears my designs.

SE: At what point did you realize you wanted to be a full-time designer? 
CE: As I began my education at DAAP and experienced working in the industry through internships, I realized that I had this undying desire to constantly create and design. I also knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur, having grown up with parents who owned their own business and worked independently from home. 

SE: How did your education and internships motivate / influence your overall design aesthetic?
CE: While studying at DAAP, I completed four 4 month long internships at different companies and studied abroad for one semester. While my first two internships at Abercrombie & Fitch and LaSenza of Limited Brands were great for industry experience, it was the other three experiences that truly shaped my design aesthetic and interest in becoming an entrepreneur. My internship with the small brand and business woman, Althea Harper in New York City, gave me insight to what it takes to be a small design house and inspired me to work hard. My fourth internship was at Marchesa, a high-end luxury design house also based in New York City. Marchesa is known for creating beautiful and opulent pieces that allude to fairy-tale stories. My experience here further developed my knowledge of couture finishes and embroidery, and also gave me insight to how a luxury company operates. I spent my final co-op semester living and studying in Paris, France at École Lesage, an embroidery school owned by Chanel. Here I learned the craft of haute couture embroidery. The beauty of this craft is in the hours it takes to create the most beautiful motifs by hand. I love to incorporate embroidery because of its elegance and how it adds to the artistry of the design.

SE: When did you make the first design you were really proud of?
CE: My thesis collection allowed my design aesthetic to come to fruition. The inspiration for my thesis began with a book I had read called Ice Princess by Camilla Lackberg, which was a beautiful, romantic story with dark imagery. Then I traveled to Paris, France, where the inspiration from a painting in the Louvre called La Jeune Martyre by Paul Delaroche captured the mood I wanted to convey in the collection. In this process, my take on the slip dress was born. I was drawn to this silhouette that had a sense of sensuality but was also modern. My first slip dresses had a lace neckline and hem. This has since evolved into the signature slip dress of my Spring/Summer 2016 collection, which is a streamlined version of the original. My thesis collection fostered the development of my romantic yet modern aesthetic and this was the jumping off point of my brand.

SE: Has your family always been supportive of your dream?
CE: I am extremely fortunate. My family has been nothing but supportive of my dream. My father operates and owns a business, which has given an insight into all the qualities to be a successful entrepreneur. My mother has had the ability to be flexible in her work, which has inspired me to work independently. Starting your own business is difficult and risky, and I am lucky to have great support.   

SE: What led you to developing your first women’s line?
CE: Immediately post graduation I began developing the brand CALLE EVANS, which took about a year of planning. There is a lot to learn when it’s a one-person team. I also took time to define and understand my brand and where it fits into the market. I create pieces that offer a woman something romantic and sensual without being too obvious while maintaining a sense of modernity and elegance.

SE: How many hours go into making your signature slip dress by hand?
CE: The signature slip dress takes me about 6+ hours to sew. The slip dresses are 100% silk charmeuse with french seams and rolled hems. While the specialty slip dresses that incorporate other details such as couture style hand embroidery can take upwards of 40+ hours per dress.

SE: Which design is your favorite?
CE: My favorite design this season is the embroidered slip dress because I hand beaded it myself. When there is about 50 hours of time invested into this dress it’s hard not to love it that much more!

SE: Where does your inspiration come from?
CE: My inspiration comes from my travels; I adore new places and love to create collections around stories that relate to the location. I especially love Europe and I am preparing to travel to Germany and Austria this month! From a young age I also had an appreciation for art, especially the romanticism period, of which the rich colors evoked and conveyed such a deep emotion that I find inspiring. In addition, I am always drawn to romantic books and beautiful, cinematic movies. I can find inspiration in everything; it’s all dependant upon on how I react to it, which can then translate into new designs.

SE: What other ways have you found to flex your creativity in the design space other than creating original designs?
CE: I love spending most of my creative time and energy in developing new collections and continually pushing my brand to the next level. However, I also enjoy collaborating with other creative individuals on new projects, whether it be photographers, stylists, or other designers! I have a desire to constantly be learning. Working alongside other individuals is an exciting way to see new perspectives and brainstorm new ideas.

SE: Where can women buy your designs now?
CE: Currently, all pieces are by special order and I also offer custom orders specific to clients. I am hoping to have my designs in boutiques within the next season!

SE: You’re still so young!  What’s next for Calle Evans?! 
CE: Looking forward, I plan to continue releasing collections each season! Right now, it’s all about building the brand identity and creating new designs that are true to CALLE EVANS. This process is a constant learning experience and I am continuously coming up with new ideas!

Check out Calle's Design Portfolio HERE!

Honing your Signature Style {PART 1}

What makes your look, your look?  Or, do you ever look at a piece of clothing and say "Oh this looks like something <insert friend's name here> would wear!"?  How does one cultivate a signature style that truly represents their personal tastes and creativity?

We've been working with women for quite some time helping develop their style, separate from trends or suggestions of what is considered "in or out".  While it may seem relatively obvious, identifying and adhering to a personal style requires a fair amount of "I don't care, I love it!" attitude and a true self-perception.  In order to create a signature style, one must be pretty impervious to trends that do not flatter and those that they flat-out don't like.  We mean, being a 'slave to fashion' has to have its limits, right?! 

Here are a few shopping rules we've found to be true all these years when it comes to having a true signature style:

1.  A beautiful skirt --for example-- catches your eye, can you immediately say "Oh I LOOOOOVEEEE this!"?  And then 20 minutes later, still say it?

If you answered YES to #1, you're like most of us who love shopping.  We often LOVE something immediately, until sticker shock or practically set in, for example.  If you're still in love with a piece after a good bit of ruminating, move on to question #2!

2.  Now that you love the skirt, can you think of at least three ways / events to wear it to?

If you answered YES to #2, you are well on your way to understanding what your signature style is.  Not only do you still love your choice, you're actually envisioning how and where you can wear it.  Are you daydreaming?! Great, move on to question #3!

3.  Do you need to buy a top, shoes and perhaps a little accessory in order to make the skirt work?

If you answered YES to #3, PUT THAT ITEM OF CLOTHING BACK AND WALK AWAY!!  The mark of true signature style means that most things you find, short of a gown or leather chaps, will fit seamlessly into your wardrobe.  Kind of like that vintage cape you found last Fall, you brought it home and *BAMM* it looked amazing with 4 different pieces, all purchased at different times.  You should never --using that term loosely-- have to buy an entirely new outfit just to go with a piece that you LOVE and could wear to three or four places.  

Do you feel like you've gotten a pretty good handle on understanding your signature style? We loved to hear how you shop with your style in mind!


A Fall Affair

This weekend seems to be packed with evening events, which means --- the city is welcoming FALL!  While the weather may be in full autumnal swing, we're still transitioning from our warmer weather clothes.  

If you're heading out this weekend for an evening affair, we're sort of obsessed over the slip dress + blazer combo.  Its classic, sexy and impossibly feminine.  We love this look paired in a monochromatic palette, replete with a fur shrug -- because its chilly in these Cincinnati streets today! 

Happy Weekend!

The Transitional Turtleneck

That breeze you just felt is Fall saying "HELLO"!  After what was one of the warmest Septembers on record (we think), October promises a more brisk atmosphere.  One way we've found to extend the life of our summertime dresses is to slip on a turtleneck underneath your dress.  It instantly updates your dress and guards you against Fall's chill in the most on-trend way! 

Don't have a few staple turtlenecks in your wardrobe yet?  We've sourced some of our favorites for you!

Perfect Trench

A trench coat can truly be your ace-in-the-hole when it comes to your wardrobe.  This versatile piece can instantly make you feel put together while you run errands, then pair with your silk slip dress and a pair of heels for an evening out!

While we KNOW a trench is necessary, finding the perfect trench coat is akin to finding that perfect LBD.  ALMOST impossible.  First, there is finding the right color.  Should you go more camel or light khaki...OR should you opt for a navy or pop of color?  Then you must consider the length, material, the collar....the list goes on and on.  We've managed to narrow in on a few of our favorite options for a variety of tastes and budgets! 

{Street} Styles to Try

Thanks to all the Fashion Weeks (and street style photographers) we've been gifted a cornucopia of street style snaps that have us inspired to peruse our own wardrobes and spruce up our looks!  From the daringly amazing to the downright confusing, street style stars present their own brand of self-expression that we can only thank them for.

Lucky for you, we've been monitoring the data (we're using the term "data" loosely...we get our info mainly from Instagram and Pinterest just like everyone else) and we've seen a few trends rise to the top.  Not only are these styles wearable, they are also extremely simple to implement! 

The Oversized Bow Blouse

Incorporate this blouse with a simple pair of jeans and a flats or heels and you're guaranteed to feel both put together and pretty darn fancy! 

The Printed Bootie

Who doesn't love a good boot?!  This season, designers are getting even more playful with floral and geometric printed booties.  Grab a pair of these printed lovelies to dress up an otherwise simple outfit for either day or night!

The Mega Cuff Jean

Seen everywhere for the past few months, these mega-cuff denim looks have us drooling.  Pair a looser fitting jean and cuff them like there is no tomorrow!  It is a perfect way to show off your new pair of shoes (or to avoid dirty jean edges)!  Whatever your reason, we're definitely hoping onto this trend.  

FUN FACT: SJP has been rockin' this style for years!

Favorites {so far} from NYFW

In Cincinnati we had a blimp of Fall this past weekend, and now we're back in the 80's.  While we're still wondering when we can pull out our heavy coats, designers, buyers and fashion-lovers have flocked to the big apple to get a peek of what we can expect come Spring 2016!

Here are some of our favorites! 


What looks and designers are you looking most forward to wearing in the Spring?! 


Preparing for Polo

We're so excited to judge Best Dressed again this year at the BowTie Cause Foundation's Galloping Pig event this Saturday!  In Cincinnati, most people's idea of polo revolves heavily around Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, but there is more to polo than just polka dots and sun hats!

Here are a few tips we have for the ladies and gents joining us on the polo field! 

  1. No high heels.  Trust us, you will sink in the grass (because that's where polo is played) and ruin your beautiful shoes.  We suggest a pair of wedges or stylish flats to pair with your look.
  2. Gents, wear a BowTie!  There is no better time to rock one than at a polo match to pair with your bourbon and winning smile...right?!
  3. Bring your armor!  Polo is played outdoors (in case you hadn't already guessed it) and you never know if the sun will be blazing or if a breeze will swing by, so be prepared.  Have your sunnies, scarf and "ladies who lunch" paper fan if you have it, ready!

Need some more outfit inspiration for this weekend?!  We've created a handy inspiration board specifically for YOU!   See you on the polo field!  

An Argument for Plaid

Though we're still in August, we cannot help but contemplate our endless options for our autumn wardrobe.  However, we know as soon as we mention the word "Plaid"...images of teens in grunge or lumberjacks come to mind.  We argue that plaid (or tartan, if we want to be "textile correct") has the very real ability to be elevated to new realms of sophistication.   See our 'exhibits' and let us know where you stand on plaid!

Smart CAN be Stylish

A few days ago we found ourselves reading an article about how intelligent women have pared down their "clothing personalities" in order to fall inline with their professional persona.  There are many times when we, as women, have "dressed the part" in order to conform to certain situations.  For example, when going to an interview, a suit or some derivative of that is appropriate -- with a little flare, of course!  But more and more we've noticed (and heard) women doing this routinely (sometimes in a complete wardrobe-changing way) because they wouldn't have been taken seriously by their peers and superiors otherwise.   For many women, in many workforces in many a profession, you cannot be considered both intelligent and harbor a love of clothes.  

A woman's liberty to truly enjoy being a woman -- in this instance, by outfitting ourselves in beautiful clothing and sliding on a pair of auspicious heels-- has been trivialized into something that is simple-minded and vain.  One on hand, we can see where people get that idea.  With the advent of social media, #selfies and luxury brands as social currency, it is no wonder that loving fashion has gotten a bad rep.  But...

Why does investing in oneself not apply to one's appearance?


Abstaining from self-expression through clothing has automatically created a population of "safe dressers".  No out of the box colors, shapes or hems and heaven forbid if women wear a heel over 2"!  That, in our humble opinion, is not dressing.  It is hiding.  

By not embracing the things that are most beautiful about ourselves as women -- our shape, our ability to express our personalities silently through dress -- we deny our a part of the excitement of womanhood.  We are not less intelligent for wanting to wear a fancy dress.  Nor are we more intelligent for opting to wear nothing but trousers and a sweater in shades of black.  But society tells us that by showcasing even the slightest appreciation for clothing, we are deemed superficial and not to be taken seriously because "she only cares about clothes, bags and shoes".  

But perhaps we will not be on our soapbox for much longer.  Companies are embracing self-expression with their employees and the career paths available now tend to not have a strict rubric of dress at all.  For now, we will continue to champion woman.  To embrace their passions and express them fully!  After all, that's our mission at Style Edit!