Why You Need A Stylist {But Don't Want To Pay For One}

Style Edit is a personal wardrobe styling company.  What we do is a luxury- you don’t necessarily need to have a flawless wardrobe in order to survive.   Do you know what else is a luxury?  That sweater you spent a pretty penny on but you’ve only worn once because you can’t figure out how to include it into more than one outfit.  What about that spa day you booked last week because you were feeling stressed and needed a recharge?  Why do we purchase goods and services that are so-called “luxuries”?  Because life is tough sometimes and a lady deserves a treat!

Style Edit’s goal is to de-stress, de-clutter and re-charge your life; and that’s exactly what we do.  Your wardrobe is one of the first spaces you walk into during your morning routine – it shouldn’t give you anxiety.  In other words, you may actually need a stylist.


1.     You spend a decent amount of time in clothing stores grabbing pieces for an event (at least once a week).

a.     If you hired a wardrobe stylist, you would be able to recognize your shopping trends and gain new ideas on how to revamp your existing wardrobe instead of continually consuming ‘throw-away’ pieces.  Instead of shopping blind without a mental list of ‘needs’, a stylist would provide you with a tailored shopping list of items to refer to when you have an itch to go shopping.


2.     You’ve said: “Oh I can organize my own closet, I just have to find the time”.

a.     Life is busy and you probably won’t find the time.  Most think and most probably could, organize their own closet.  But the majority of people won’t get rid of things they should because they are either emotionally attached to the piece or the price tag.  Professionals assist you in organizing your space to be both efficient and beautiful. Stylists recognize items that simply don’t work for you and your lifestyle anymore.  (Chosen items can be sold or donated rather than collecting dust and adding chaos to your closet). 


3.     You’ve said: “Wardrobe stylists are expensive”.

a.     Wardrobe stylists are trained in a very specific industry – how to make clients look their best possible self in their clothes.  While that level of expertise doesn’t come $20-cheap, it also isn’t going to run you $10K either – unless that stylist is Rachel Zoe.  The truth is, most services cost less than an average shopping trip.  If you are willing to splurge on one $300 dress that you’ll wear once, then you’re able to hire a stylist.


Styling services is not like food.  Though we have given up a few meals to save money for a pair of shoes we desperately wanted!   Style Edit is one of the most attainable “luxuries” available to those who seek it.  Interested in hiring a stylist?  Learn more here

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