Do you Remember? {Your Clothes}

We think it goes without saying that the idea of having "nothing to wear" is a vicious cycle that is perpetuated by constantly changing fashion trends and a general lack of memory of our own wardrobe.  It has happened to us countless times: we go through our closets to organize everything and hidden in the back is that amazing {insert item you desperately "needed" 2 years ago} collecting dust! 

The reality is: we don't really remember most of our clothes.  Yes, you know how many evening gowns you have and we're sure you won't forget that expensive handbag you plopped a whole month's paycheck on.  But, you probably don't remember the tshirts, sweaters and all those jeans that inhabit your wardrobe.  

And THAT is the beauty of clothes.  

You don't remember what you wore a year ago (unless it was a wedding or other momentous occasion).  Luckily, neither does anyone else.  That means that though you've worn that classic navy blazer "like a million times" no one else really knows that.  It also means that you should provide yourself some liberty to take a few wardrobe chances!

Want to wear a funky pair of printed jeans but worried that they may be "too trendy"?  No one will remember 3 months --- maybe 3 days --- from now.  It is always a bit uncomfortable getting out of a style-rut, but man, is it liberating!  Imagine walking into an event NOT in that same cocktail dress style you always wear, but in a floor-length printed maxi dress?!  Imagine the applause from your friends for getting out of your box and inspiring them to try some risks with their own style. 

What you wear is all an expression, and luckily, that expression can change on a daily basis.  Take advantage!