Honing your Signature Style {PART 1}

What makes your look, your look?  Or, do you ever look at a piece of clothing and say "Oh this looks like something <insert friend's name here> would wear!"?  How does one cultivate a signature style that truly represents their personal tastes and creativity?

We've been working with women for quite some time helping develop their style, separate from trends or suggestions of what is considered "in or out".  While it may seem relatively obvious, identifying and adhering to a personal style requires a fair amount of "I don't care, I love it!" attitude and a true self-perception.  In order to create a signature style, one must be pretty impervious to trends that do not flatter and those that they flat-out don't like.  We mean, being a 'slave to fashion' has to have its limits, right?! 

Here are a few shopping rules we've found to be true all these years when it comes to having a true signature style:

1.  A beautiful skirt --for example-- catches your eye, can you immediately say "Oh I LOOOOOVEEEE this!"?  And then 20 minutes later, still say it?

If you answered YES to #1, you're like most of us who love shopping.  We often LOVE something immediately, until sticker shock or practically set in, for example.  If you're still in love with a piece after a good bit of ruminating, move on to question #2!

2.  Now that you love the skirt, can you think of at least three ways / events to wear it to?

If you answered YES to #2, you are well on your way to understanding what your signature style is.  Not only do you still love your choice, you're actually envisioning how and where you can wear it.  Are you daydreaming?! Great, move on to question #3!

3.  Do you need to buy a top, shoes and perhaps a little accessory in order to make the skirt work?

If you answered YES to #3, PUT THAT ITEM OF CLOTHING BACK AND WALK AWAY!!  The mark of true signature style means that most things you find, short of a gown or leather chaps, will fit seamlessly into your wardrobe.  Kind of like that vintage cape you found last Fall, you brought it home and *BAMM* it looked amazing with 4 different pieces, all purchased at different times.  You should never --using that term loosely-- have to buy an entirely new outfit just to go with a piece that you LOVE and could wear to three or four places.  

Do you feel like you've gotten a pretty good handle on understanding your signature style? We loved to hear how you shop with your style in mind!