Quality over Quantity

In today's world, bigger is often considered better.  Those with a bigger house, car and in this case, closet, are deemed to "have it all".  But that could very well be the biggest misconception when it comes to life-satisfaction --- too heavy a thought?  We'll stick to closets for the purposes of brevity, but the point is, bigger is NOT {always} better.  

Yes, we swoon over palatial wardrobes that have a completely different wing for shoes and purses, all carefully and meticulously displayed.  But we equally admire the well organized 5'x5' closet that houses the most incredible pieces we've come across -- unassumingly, at that!

You don't need a bigger closet.  You need a different perspective -- we all do!  When we have more space, we fill it.  But, if left with smaller quarters, creativity truly shines and we can get pretty ruthless on what occupies our more modest wardrobe and what doesn't.  I.e., the pair of never-going-to-fit-again shoes or that too-big fur coat that was handed down to you from grandma.  Somethings are easier to part with when the space literally isn't there!

The point of our mini-diatribe on the 'bigger is better' mentality?  Let's stop wishing for what we don't have when it comes to our closet spaces and get inventive on making our space truly shine!  A little bit of organization and vertical thinking can go a looooonnnnngggg way when dealing with your wardrobe organizing hangups!  Need more help?  You know where to find us!