'Tis the Season

We've been remiss in posting for a while.  We'll chalk it up to travel, new home adventures for B and a baby on the way for M!  Mix all that together with holiday cheer (& a bit of chaos) and you've got radio *blog* silence.  But we're rectifying that immediately! 

Here are some things that we're learning about our Christmas List "Wishes" this year....

  • Furniture is EXPENSIVE --- now that both of us are home owners, the reality of how expensive a nice couch is, for example, has really hit our closet splurges where it counts.  But we have a completely new appreciation for furniture quality and style.  Here are some pieces we're loving right now!
  • Clothes are hard to buy when your belly is expanding by the day (M) --- Christmas clothing sales have started to loose their luster for M.  As the baby grows (Thankfully), the desire and ability, to fit into nearly anything starts to wane.  Thankfully, accessories are still an option! 


  • Gifting isn't as fulfilling unless its something that is unique and thoughtful.  This year, we've taken to picking up gifts earlier in the year.  If we see something we know a family member or friend would love, even if it was in October, we bought and saved it!  We're so thankful we started this practice because gifting just got a lot less stressful and more thoughtful! 

What tips have you learned this holiday season?!  Share 'em with us!