The New Cleavage

Cleavage.  The universal symbol for women-ly-ness and buxom ladies everywhere.  So far this awards season we've seen our fair share of cleavage in all shapes and sizes.  

Dare we say, we're (a little) over it.  What was once daring and bold is now commonplace.  Gone are the days where we were given mere 'peeks' of a lady lump here and there -- now we're seeing what we consider glorified pasties.  Sorry, you know you've seen them too.  

We'd like to offer a few alternatives to the decollete that is in steady rotation these days!


Its sexy.  Its unexpected.  Its a huge trend this Spring.  


It was good enough for Angelina Jolie.  Its good enough for us! 


Still revealing.  But much less overt and way more flirty!  Plus it is an excellent way to show off a longer neckline!