{Carry-On Only} Travel

We have all been there.  You're getting off the plane for your long-awaited getaway, you wait for your luggage at the carousel, only to realize...They lost my bag?! (Cue the "dum dum dummmmmm" music)!

Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.  For years now, we've flown exclusively with carry-ons as much as possible.  (Save for those long international flights during the holidays where only 4 chunky sweaters can squeeze into our bag!)  Traveling "Carry-On Only" is not only stress-reducing when we're maneuvering through airports, but also gives us a chance to really get creative in how we pack and how functional our style really is.  I.e., the dress we wear to dinner can also double as a cover up on the beach the next day!

As we continue to hone in our best-travel-packing practices, we have a duty no! -- a responsibility to share that knowledge with you!  

TIP #1  Invest in an high-quality carry on!

This sucker will get beat up through security, by the plane-side baggage crew, and by you --- you WILL sit on it to smush down all your belongings into it -- trust us, it we do it every time!  The last thing you need is a zipper busting and having no recourse to get it repaired or replaced!  We love Tumi luggage!  Not only because they have an excellent customer service center, but we're dying over this Spring's floral print roller bags!  Definitely an investment.  100% worth it.

TIP #2 Pick a color, any color.

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 4.58.44 PM.png

Rookie mistake numero uno when packing for a trip is throwing in too many colors and prints and expecting them all to look flawless together.  Now, if you're style is very eclectic and funky, we love you, and go for this option all the way!  But, if you need more options to mix and match your pieces depending on the weather or activity, pick your favorite pieces you want to bring and use those colors to dictate the rest of your wardrobe for your trip.  Think: Parisian Closet in your suitcase---it is much easier to mix and match neutrals.

TIP #3 Cleverly pack your shoes & accessories

Arguably the most no-brainer tips is how to properly pack shoes and accessories.  If you want to truly maximize the space in your luggage, pack your shoes at the base of your suitcase (hint: near the wheels) so the weight from them doesn't squish your clothes when its upright.  Roll basics (t-shirts and lose accessories) in-between your shoes and pop any jewelry into an extra purse that you're already bringing.  No need for special jewelry cases unless you're packing the fancy stuff, and in that case, find a way to pack it in your purse!