Batter up! #RedsOpeningDay

Sporting events are always a style challenge. Our best rule of thumb is to first, scope out the main color(s) of your supporting team in your wardrobe (i.e. red for Cincinnati Reds). Second, locate those items (think purses, shoes, scarfs, belts, statement jewelry, tops, skirts, dresses, jackets) and think about your game plan for the day. Will you be pre-gaming? Standing or walking a lot? Will you be uber-ing and sitting most of the time? Your plan for game day will determine your footwear..sore feet are never fun. Eliminate whatever shoes won't work.  Thirdly, you will need to check out the forecast! After doing so, you should have narrowed down a few more of your (too thin or too thick) options. Now, what are you left with? Pick one of your remaining clothing or accessory options and style a great look with that item as your sole accent! Ready, set, GO!! 

Still need a little inspiration? No worries - we've got you covered.  Check out some looks we pulled from our Pinterest below!