Spring Trends {NOT} To Buy

Who doesn't love a new fashion trend?  We give tons of advice to clients and readers constantly on how to wear x trend each season.  There is something about turning the page -- especially after a rather tough winter -- and rediscovering (or purchasing) all the pieces we've been itching to wear.

While we advocate that every woman (and man) should experiment and try anything that speaks to them, we caution that some of these trends may not be as flattering as we would like.  

First up, the DENIM JUMPSUIT.

Yes, you may end up looking impossibly chic.  But you also may end up looking like the guy (or gal) who changes your oil at Valvoline.  WIth this oversized fit and low slung waist, one would be hard pressed to truly flatter your figure with this option. 

We recommend mimic-ing the look with an all-over denim outfit (with separates)!  This option helps define your waist and has less fabric so it doesn't swallow your frame. 

Are you having a hard time figuring out which trends to invest in and which to stay away from?   We can help! Just leave a comment below!