The Three Stripe Trend

Three Stripes.  Not to be confused with Red Stripe, but these Three Stripes, are BACK.  Like, in a major, street-style-stalking, sold-out everywhere in our size, kind of way.  

Adidas has always made great sneakers.  HELLOOOOOO SHELL TOP!?  They're basically their thing.  But some how, some where, Adidas fell slightly out of wardrobe rotation in favor of the ubiquitous Chuck Taylors and more recently, Nike Air Max's.  

But, as is the way for most trends in fashion --- THEY. ARE. BACK. --- launching a thousand blog posts on how to style them, complete with the "OMG another shoe option that isn't a heel" caption!  We can all thank Raf Simmons and Stan Smith, in part, for their return!

Ahh...reliving our youthful stylings has never felt so good!


Are you loving the resurgence of the ALL DAY I DREAM ABOUT SPORTS kicks?!