Dress Like {5.27.15}

"If I were a celebrity I would be...{insert your favorite celebrity name here}."  Just like the rest of the world, when we see one of our favorite celebs wearing an drool-worthy outfit look we immediately want to figure out how to recreate it.  Ok, maybe not like the entire world, but a respectable percentage of people do this....right?

While trolling through PINTEREST, we pulled a few of our favorite looks that we've recreated to be worn RIGHT NOW! 

First up...

We love Zoe Saldana.  We love monochromatic looks.  Together, this is impeccable! You can wear this look on an evening out for drinks or even a wedding -- its that transitional!

Sandra Bullock knows that it is all about the shoes!  This outfit can go from work, to happy hour in no-time flat! 

Even on her day-off, SJP is the epitome of New York chic.  We love this outfit!  It is perfect for a Summer BBQ!


Which celebrity look do you want to recreate?!