Bye, Fashion!

We're over "Fashion"

Shocking.  But true.

We're over the "Fashion" that clogs our Instagram feed and tells us we haven't lived until we purchase those $1500 pair of shoes.  We're over the "Fashion" that takes gratuitous selfies with a macaroon sitting next to a Chanel bag sitting next to a miniature four-legged friend.  Yeah, we're over that.

"Fashion", interpreted and conveyed on (almost) any form of media these days, has devolved into a vapid exchange of who can post the most blingy-brand-filled 'candids' all in the name of keeping up with the fictitious "Joneses".  The truth is that keeping up with Fashion is dizzying, thrilling and as close as many will get to actually owning and appreciating wearable art.  However, trends flow in and out of favor at a neck breaking pace making it almost impossible to wear them all and still keep your style personality intact!  Designers are always pushing themselves to think further and further out of their comfort zones.  And we as consumers have a constant barrage of messages telling us to "Buy THIS now!".  

For the record, we don't advocate anyone listening to those arbitrary rules that fashion marketing companies promote, only to change them next season.  "Embellishments are so in!" "Oh, minimalism is the new thing!"  We love change, but, seriously, it is exhausting to keep up.  In the bustle of staying "in Fashion", the exercise of dressing to express one's personal style, their brand, has declined.  Perhaps that has always been how Fashion vs. Style is.  The existing way of dressing gets so commercialized and forced that a style-counter-culture develops to reinvigorate the love of dressing for oneself.  Hello, "NormCore"!

Luckily, we're in the business of Style.  Style is very much an expression -- an individual's personal brand they wear day in and day out to communicate who they are without speaking.  There are really no rules when it comes to Style.  The two biggies are Fit and Flatter, which many tend to forget because, "hey, this looked great on the model!"  Without stifling a client's personality and zest, we help identify and refine their style.  If a dress isn't flattering, we'll communicate it so a client understands why and which dress does flatter her.  Think of us more as your personal "Style Educators" and less like the incredibly vicious "Fashion Police".  

Like to match your bag with your purse?  We can show you how mixing the colors and prints can modernize your look -- and take the stress from the matchy-matchy headache.

Do you wear your same converse sneakers with ev-ery-thing? We can show you how to mix in different types of sneakers to keep the comfort and elevate your style!   

Would you love to simply live in a white shirt and vintage denim all day?  So do we and we can show you how to keep those pieces lasting and keep it fresh!

The biggest thing to remember is that Style is meant to be refined, tweaked and recycled as you move through different phases in life.  However, we warn you to ignore all those articles telling you to "toss" those pair of jeans you absolutely love!  We're still kicking ourselves for not saving our bell bottoms from high school that are now retailing upwards of $300.00! 

So, how do you feel about your personal Style?  Does it need freshening up?! If so, #StyleEditYourLife