You're Shopping Wrong

It is possible.  You go into your favorite store, pick out a piece in your favorite color (or pattern) and -- no need for you to try it on because you "know it fits" -- and, of course, you wear it.  Maybe you love it, but its a little too tight in the shoulders, or the hemline could stand to get taken up a bit, but its "good enough" for the running around you have to do in your increasingly busy life, right?


We see it time and time again and you're shopping wrong.  One of our most exciting and thrilling activities can seem incredibly arduous and void of any enjoyment to those who don't love spending more than 15 minutes in a clothing store.  That's why many default to selecting pieces they feel comfortable in, never-mind the fact that they aren't always the most flattering.   

We've listed some of the biggest #ShoppingFails we see AND how to correct them! 

1. A Wishful Wardrobe

"Some day I'll wear this when I need to go to an Interview (or) Las Vegas Party (or) A Royal Ball." 

Hey! We allllllll want to be invited to a royal gala, chances are that will only happen for us when we take our kids to Disneyland, and we're pretty sure the attire requires fanny-packs, not sequins.  We fall in love with "situational clothes" constantly, but we don't (always) buy them.  The point is, you may be purchasing items that don't work for your lifestyle anymore.

Rules to avoid this #ShoppingFail:

  •  If you don't work in an office that requires professional dress, don't buy a suit, no matter how great a deal it is.
  • If you're not IN Las Vegas, or heading there for a fun weekend, we implore you to NOT buy a club-specific dress.
  • If you're lucky enough to go to a royal ball -- or a Black Tie event -- try Rent The Runway as a much less expensive option to wear a sought after gown.


 2.  Size Ain't Nothin' But  A Number...

"Ahh vanity, my favorite sin".  While Mr. Pacino wasn't specifically talking about clothes in The Devils Advocate, he spoke to how often vanity affects our decision making.  This is particularly true when we're battling with a zipper but flat out refuse to size-up in the pants that would look incredible.

Here's a little secret:  NO ONE KNOWS YOU'RE WEARING A SIZE 6 or 8 or 10, etc!!! 

Rules to avoid this #ShoppingFail:

  • Get over the number.  Its a fact that properly fitting clothes actually flatter your figure more, creating an alluring silhouette.
  • Wearing too small clothes makes you look bigger.  Try putting on a top that you know is too small.  Watch the buttons pull and the fabric stretch.  This is not flattering.
  • Every store has a different "size 6".   You could walk into three different clothing shops and find a piece in each store that fits you and we guarantee that they'll all have wildly different numbers.  European sizes = 40 or 42.  JCrew = 6.  Vintage shops = 10.  If you limit yourself to the chain stores who's size structure appeals to your vanity, you'll miss out on incredible items that you've longed to try.

3. Shopping With Friends

Your best friends always tells you the truth right?  Not always.  When you go shopping with your friends, you're not always focused on yourself.  Your bestie wants you to buy this feather aline skirt thats not your style, but you humor her and try it on -- then buy it.  Or maybe you're the friend that no one wants to say you don't need yet another pair of multicolored stilettos.  Through no fault of their own, friends sometimes steer you wrong on your clothing choices.

Rules to avoid this #ShoppingFail :

  • Go it alone.  When you're serious about finding the most flattering pieces for you, shopping solo is the best way to be honest with your self and find items that really speak to you.
  • Set a budget.  Friends have a habit of helping us justify overspending on items we really won't "wear all the time".  Set a limit and stick to you to avoid over-buyers remorse.
  • If shopping alone scares you.  Call us.  As professional stylists, we know whats in every store (yes, perils of the job) and will help you navigate the murky waters to find pieces that flatter every bit of you.