3 Tips to a Polished Wardrobe

Do you ever feel like your outfit is just "off".  That nagging feeling that if something were tweaked your look would be "next-level"?  Yep, we've all felt that at least a jallion times!  

Based on our highly accredited knowledge and experience, we've come up with a few tips to avoid missed opportunities in your "dressing-life"! 


If you do not already have a tailor or alterations specialist, get one.  Now!  If you don't have anywhere to start, ask us, we have a rolodex of 'people'!  Most people (we argue all people) need a little alterations help with their closets.  Everything will not -- and should not -- fit you perfectly.  Waists may need to be taken in.  Sleeves may need to be shortened. And voila! You will be amazed at the difference proper fitting clothes make! 


"The touch, the feel of --- rayon"?!  Ah...no.  There is a reason natural fabrics are touted and celebrated in song like cotton.  They not only feel better, they LOOK better -- i.e., they make the wearer (you) look better.  Luckily for you,  this is an easy opportunity to avail yourself to -- check the label.  Don't feel like you have to spend double just to get a quality, natural fabric either!  Some of our favorite high-street stores, think Zara, stock their shelves with leather and silk options that fall right in nearly anyone's budget!


"There's just a lot going on here..."  You love a trend (or three).  We get it.  How tempting it is to put on every single thing you love, all at once, and rock it.  Unless you're the next Iris Apfel, we strongly encourage restraint.  There is nothing more captivating than wearing a special piece (one -- maybe two if executed properly) and allowing the focus to remain on you, not on all the pieces that distract a viewer from your bomb-self! 

We love Gaga...but none of us are Gaga.  Let's leave her brand of dressing to the Queen.

We love Gaga...but none of us are Gaga.  Let's leave her brand of dressing to the Queen.

Now you know some of our top wardrobe tips!  Need further polishing assistance to make your wardrobe shine like a diamond? Give us a shout