Smart CAN be Stylish

A few days ago we found ourselves reading an article about how intelligent women have pared down their "clothing personalities" in order to fall inline with their professional persona.  There are many times when we, as women, have "dressed the part" in order to conform to certain situations.  For example, when going to an interview, a suit or some derivative of that is appropriate -- with a little flare, of course!  But more and more we've noticed (and heard) women doing this routinely (sometimes in a complete wardrobe-changing way) because they wouldn't have been taken seriously by their peers and superiors otherwise.   For many women, in many workforces in many a profession, you cannot be considered both intelligent and harbor a love of clothes.  

A woman's liberty to truly enjoy being a woman -- in this instance, by outfitting ourselves in beautiful clothing and sliding on a pair of auspicious heels-- has been trivialized into something that is simple-minded and vain.  One on hand, we can see where people get that idea.  With the advent of social media, #selfies and luxury brands as social currency, it is no wonder that loving fashion has gotten a bad rep.  But...

Why does investing in oneself not apply to one's appearance?


Abstaining from self-expression through clothing has automatically created a population of "safe dressers".  No out of the box colors, shapes or hems and heaven forbid if women wear a heel over 2"!  That, in our humble opinion, is not dressing.  It is hiding.  

By not embracing the things that are most beautiful about ourselves as women -- our shape, our ability to express our personalities silently through dress -- we deny our a part of the excitement of womanhood.  We are not less intelligent for wanting to wear a fancy dress.  Nor are we more intelligent for opting to wear nothing but trousers and a sweater in shades of black.  But society tells us that by showcasing even the slightest appreciation for clothing, we are deemed superficial and not to be taken seriously because "she only cares about clothes, bags and shoes".  

But perhaps we will not be on our soapbox for much longer.  Companies are embracing self-expression with their employees and the career paths available now tend to not have a strict rubric of dress at all.  For now, we will continue to champion woman.  To embrace their passions and express them fully!  After all, that's our mission at Style Edit!