{Street} Styles to Try

Thanks to all the Fashion Weeks (and street style photographers) we've been gifted a cornucopia of street style snaps that have us inspired to peruse our own wardrobes and spruce up our looks!  From the daringly amazing to the downright confusing, street style stars present their own brand of self-expression that we can only thank them for.

Lucky for you, we've been monitoring the data (we're using the term "data" loosely...we get our info mainly from Instagram and Pinterest just like everyone else) and we've seen a few trends rise to the top.  Not only are these styles wearable, they are also extremely simple to implement! 

The Oversized Bow Blouse

Incorporate this blouse with a simple pair of jeans and a flats or heels and you're guaranteed to feel both put together and pretty darn fancy! 

The Printed Bootie

Who doesn't love a good boot?!  This season, designers are getting even more playful with floral and geometric printed booties.  Grab a pair of these printed lovelies to dress up an otherwise simple outfit for either day or night!

The Mega Cuff Jean

Seen everywhere for the past few months, these mega-cuff denim looks have us drooling.  Pair a looser fitting jean and cuff them like there is no tomorrow!  It is a perfect way to show off your new pair of shoes (or to avoid dirty jean edges)!  Whatever your reason, we're definitely hoping onto this trend.  

FUN FACT: SJP has been rockin' this style for years!