Preparing for Polo

We're so excited to judge Best Dressed again this year at the BowTie Cause Foundation's Galloping Pig event this Saturday!  In Cincinnati, most people's idea of polo revolves heavily around Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, but there is more to polo than just polka dots and sun hats!

Here are a few tips we have for the ladies and gents joining us on the polo field! 

  1. No high heels.  Trust us, you will sink in the grass (because that's where polo is played) and ruin your beautiful shoes.  We suggest a pair of wedges or stylish flats to pair with your look.
  2. Gents, wear a BowTie!  There is no better time to rock one than at a polo match to pair with your bourbon and winning smile...right?!
  3. Bring your armor!  Polo is played outdoors (in case you hadn't already guessed it) and you never know if the sun will be blazing or if a breeze will swing by, so be prepared.  Have your sunnies, scarf and "ladies who lunch" paper fan if you have it, ready!

Need some more outfit inspiration for this weekend?!  We've created a handy inspiration board specifically for YOU!   See you on the polo field!