An Argument for Plaid

Though we're still in August, we cannot help but contemplate our endless options for our autumn wardrobe.  However, we know as soon as we mention the word "Plaid"...images of teens in grunge or lumberjacks come to mind.  We argue that plaid (or tartan, if we want to be "textile correct") has the very real ability to be elevated to new realms of sophistication.   See our 'exhibits' and let us know where you stand on plaid!

Not Afraid To {of} Fall

Flipping through the pages of our summer magazine issues, we realize something almost startling...we're sort of really looking forward to Fall! 

Now, now hear us out!  While we are still enjoying every moment of our days basking in the sun's rays by the pool and will be heartbroken once the weather turns, there is something about Fall that is beckoning us. 

Blame it on the su-su-suede (we couldn't pass up a T-Pain reference)!  We love a layer and the sumptuousness of Fall's fabrics and colors that harken a jewel box from the 70's. 

What are you looking forward to most this Fall?