My husband just built me an amazing closet for all my clothes, shoes, purses, etc that had over took his closet space.  I knew the only ladies that could help me get  organized and make my closet look fabulous were the ladies of Style Edit! They are so professional at placing each item where it should go, everything down to my sunglasses were put in order.  It is so easy now picking out an outfit and just heading out the door.  I also used their services for putting together outfits for the season and they put outfits that I would have never thought to wear together.  I had so many compliments on all the outfits that they had picked for me. Even though they were my clothes that I had already, it felt as if I had a brand new outfit.  Style Edit also took my daughter out before school started to help with getting her school clothes.  I love this service and so did my daughter!  The outfits they picked were just her style and the best part of it- I was able to walk around the mall while they had her at all the stores.  As a mother to teenage girls we all know that sometimes our opinion on their clothes is not cool.  Marsha and Brock were perfect because my daughter thought they were super cool however, I knew that they would make sure that the clothes were age appropriate.  It was a win win for us both.  My daughter says she definitely wants to do it again next year before school.   I highly recommend Style Edit for all your fashion needs, if it is organizing a closet , giving your wardrobe a makeover, or giving yourself a new updated style. These ladies are the Best!   -Heather T.

I was a little hesitant at first to potentially part with clothes and shoes I had apparently become attached to, but felt like a great weight was lifted when Brock and Marsha were finished “editing” my rather large closet.  Style Edit accomplished in a few hours what would have taken me weeks to sort through.  Not only did they clean and meticulously organize my closet but they put together a look book of go-to outfits that has proven to be invaluable!  Why did I not do this sooner??  I can’t wait to have them back to put together savvy and chic looks for spring and summer!- Kate W.

Style Edit gave me the closet clean-out I've been needing (and avoiding) for years! Owning a Clothing Boutique you'd think I'd have the 'perfect' closet but that wasn't the case. I had been accumulating clothing/shoes since High School and as I was buying more and more clothing it was becoming even more difficult for me to dress myself. I just had too many options and nothing was organized. I also had a lot of stuff buried in the corners that I forgot I even had!! I was a little intimidated at first and afraid to let them into my Closet (it feels so private) but they immediately made me feel comfortable...they told me to just sit back and relax. We had MANY laughs and before I knew it I had EIGHT trash bags full of stuff that no longer fit me, wasn't flattering or just way out of style! Now my Closet is organized to the point where it's easy for me to pick out outfits according to color/fabric/season, etc and I no longer feel overwhelmed. Thank you B&M!!!! - Duru A.

I was a little hesitant at first, due to the fact I didn't know what to expect. When Style Edit arrived at my home they were very energetic and enthused. We talked a little while about what I wanted out of my space -- functional for everyday use.  They pulled everything out of my closet and I mean everything. I didn't realize how much stuff I had until it was all in my bedroom!  We went through the items together and they would ask the question "will you ever wear this"?  As time went on I noticed that I was holding on items just because.  Once the purging process was over I left the room and allowed her to do her thing. Once I returned about 2 hours later I could not believe what I saw. Although I do not have the largest closet they made it feel so roomy and clutter free, putting like items together and color coding them. They even went as far as to showcase my jewelry in a way that I had never even thought of. Before Style Edit left they put together outfits for me to where to work. Needless to say they were fabulous, and I didn't even have to go out and buy one thing! -Michelle L.

Well, just when I thought I was ready to burn everything in my closet, I had Style Edit out to my house to rediscover what great taste I really had.  After spending about 30 minutes perusing my goodies, she put together some incredible outfits from my eclectic closet. I was truly amazed (and delighted) with her choices. She put together patterns and colors I would not have thought of, right down to jewels and shoes, therefore expanding my wardrobe without buying another item!   As a more "mature" woman, she showed me how I could think outside the box but still act my age.   - Liz R.

This was my first time doing anything in this nature and so was not sure what to expect.  I have to say it was actually a lot of fun and by myself I totally would not have come up with some of the arrangements that she put together for me.  Since Style Edit came and visited my closet I have to say I notice myself putting things together to wear that I hadn't before and also WITHOUT having to go and buy anything.  Having someone come in and look through your closet is like a refresher! - Melissa D.