Do you have a closet full of clothes but still find yourself saying "I have nothing to wear" ? You are not alone, in fact this is a common problem that we hear from women of every age and size. That’s why we created Style Edit’s Wearable Wardrobe, a 3-step styling service that will help you transform your cluttered closet into a style oasis filled with refreshing, new outfits you can't wait to wear!

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: We EDIT & organize your wardrobe by removing unnecessary items.

The first thing we do is help define your personal style goals. Based on those goals, we work with you to edit your entire wardrobe. We keep the items that support your goals and discard the items that simply do not.  After the "Style Edit" is complete, we then organize your garments by category & color.

Step 2: We OPTIMIZE your options by coordinating new outfits.

Now that we have cleared the clutter, we teach you how to make the most of your clothes. We coordinate fresh, unexpected combinations so you have stylish options for each piece in your wardrobe. And we make it easy to recreate these looks on your own by creating a Style Edit Look Book with a photo of you in each new outfit.

Step 3: We ENHANCE your wardrobe with the most needed pieces.

After we’ve spent some time in your closet, we will identify the items that we think can boost your wardrobe most. We will put together a wardrobe enhancing Shopping List so you can avoid impulse shopping and spend your money on strategic items that improve your overall collection of clothes. If you want, we can even find and purchase the items on the list WITH you or FOR you.

The end result is a wearable wardrobe that will truly represent the woman you are and want to be!

COST? Wardrobes come in all shapes & sizes. After seeing your wardrobe(s), we will be able to give you a tailored quote for this life-changing service.

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In a nutshell: